Storyboards work best when they contain a finite number of items.

Have you seen the new Storyboards? They are unique packages of content curated just for Flipboard users. Our editorial team and select publishing partners have recently started to experiment with this new curation format, and the first Storyboards have started to appear on the platform — for instance, the “Daily…

Pictured: 1) Imani Shanklin Roberts in front of “Rebel,” photographed by Ashley Level, Brooklyn NY 2019; 2) Ronald Draper in the RD Showroom, Bronx NY 2019; 3) Patrick Eugene at BAF Gallery, Brooklyn NY 2018; 4) Roberts in front of “Full Bellied Laughter,” photographed by Ashley Level, Brooklyn NY 2019; 5) Draper in front of one of his works from his series “Not Normal,” 2018; 6) Roberts creates a mural for Gold Room in Brooklyn, 2018; 7) Eugene at the Nantucket Arts Center, 2019; 8) Tonge himself.

Please meet “Futura Noir: Black Art in 2019 & Beyond,” the debut Flipboard collection from Mike Tonge. The New York native is the Senior Marketing Manager, Brooklyn Museum, and Co-founder of The Culture LP, an arts consultancy dedicated to empowering creatives of color and beautifying spaces. A cultural curator in…


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