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A Knight Foundation study from October 2019 found that people not only have greater trust in local media, but believe that local media is better at “covering issues Americans can use in their daily lives.” Clearly, it’s time to double down on local journalism.

At Flipboard, we’re giving local content a spruced-up new home — and welcoming many more voices to the platform in the process. Now in the second tab of the Content Guide, look for “Local,” a new offering that brings together regional news, sports, dining, weather, real estate, transportation and more from a variety of sources, all in one place. Publications providing these inputs include the Miami Herald, the Mercury News, Eater’s many foodie hubs, Curbed for local real estate, and so much more.

To start, there are 23 North American metropolitan areas featured, but expect this number to grow throughout the year. (You can also use search to find any city or topic.) These destinations include content from local news organizations, such as newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, college news sites and blogs. Flipboard magazines curated by the community are also featured. (If you’re making a magazine about your local area, be sure to let us know!)

So find your city and follow it, or visit any city for a steady stream of regional news and culture. The time is now to “act local”!

Marci McCue is reading “San Francisco 49ers

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