Flipboard Federates 11,000 Magazines by 400 Creators and Enthusiasts

3 min readApr 11, 2024


Today Flipboard is taking two big steps toward opening its platform to the fediverse, making 400 creators and 11,000 of their curated Magazines visible to people in the fediverse and integrating fediverse notifications into the Flipboard app.

The first Flipboard users to be ‘federated’ are some of our best community members; people curating stories and videos into topical Magazines for others to follow. Over the years they have provided unique perspectives on everything from actions to save our planet, the future of tech, and vegetarian inspiration. We are hopeful that by opening up their curation to the fediverse we give them an easy way to share and connect with growing communities on federated social networks like Mastodon and Threads.

This group of Flipboard curators and their Magazines will have new handles that can be discovered and followed by people in the fediverse.

We know it’s important for people to not just share content out, but to also get feedback, connect and converse with others around their posts. That is why we paired this curator federation with an exciting new product release (version 4.3.25) that integrates fediverse activity right into the Flipboard app experience.

Now as people from the fediverse follow Flipboard users and engage with content from their Magazines, boosts, favorites, comments and follows will all show up in the Flipboard users’ notifications. To accommodate these new notifications, the Flipboard mobile app notification window is now organized into three sections:

  • Replies let people see and reply to comments on their posts from people on Flipboard or federated networks, as well as any fediverse @mentions. When they reply it will reflect back into the fediverse, creating an important two-way conversation.
  • Activity displays likes, follows and boosts from people on the fediverse mixed with native Flipboard activity.
  • News, previously titled “Content,” will continue to be a place to see breaking news and stories recommended by the Flipboard editorial team.

Discover Who’s Now Federated

The first group of federated accounts are all actively involved with the Flipboard community. They are public accounts with two or more public Magazines; they’ve participated in Flipboard community programs, have actively curated in the past 30 days and have had no trust and safety violations on Flipboard. Accounts federated today will receive a welcome email with more information from the Flipboard team.

Below is a sampling of curator Magazines that are now federated. The full list of people federated today can be found here.

Take a moment to explore the newly federated Flipboard curators and their Magazines. We will also be sharing a few each week in our #FollowFriday posts on Mastodon and we hope you’ll share ones you discover too!

Learn more about the fediverse with our new Fedi Curious newsletter and Dot Social podcast. And follow us on Mastodon or Threads to get all of our updates.

-The Flipboard Team

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