Meet the Newest Form of Curation on Flipboard

Storyboards work best when they contain a finite number of items.

3 min readMay 5, 2020

Have you seen the new Storyboards? They are unique packages of content curated just for Flipboard users. Our editorial team and select publishing partners have recently started to experiment with this new curation format, and the first Storyboards have started to appear on the platform — for instance, the “Daily Coronavirus Digest” is a Storyboard curated every day by our editorial team, and “The Essential Gig Workers” is a collection from our tech editor, Ken.

Unlike Flipboard Magazines, Storyboards work best when they contain a finite number of items — five to 12 is the sweet spot. They are perfect for roundups, digests, and lists of stories, videos, songs, podcasts, products and literally anything else you can find on the Internet. Because of their brevity, they are an ideal way to package coverage on a given topic; editors can even organize the content into subsections and write some copy to help people know what to expect.

While we are still in the experimentation phase of this new format, many amazing Storyboards have already been created, including CNBC’s “What Is Warren Buffett Thinking Right Now?,” CNET’s “Mother’s Day Gift Guide,” and National Geographic’s “Why You’ll Miss Insects If They Disappear, and More Fascinating Stories.” Storyboards are easy to recognize: just look for the red brackets around the title and the black background. Each one starts with a quick introduction, followed by a short list of stories.

Wait, there’s more! Storyboards are also easy to share on social media. On the bottom of each Storyboard is a share button that lets you tweet it, post it to Facebook, or copy a link to post it anywhere you like. You can also flip them into your Flipboard magazines, of course.

Curation is at the heart of Flipboard. From full inboxes and busy Slack channels to non-stop breaking news and social media pings, we’re all inundated with information all the time. Curation is a way to cut through the noise, and Storyboards can help to hone in on what matters even more quickly and precisely.

Here are the most popular Storyboards currently running:

We hope you’ll enjoy this new experience on Flipboard.

— The Flipboard Team

Originally published at on May 5, 2020.




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