What Tech Insiders Are Reading Now — Fall 2018 Edition

11 industry professionals share five of their favorite books that helped them in their professional lives.

Alex Wilhelm, Editor in Chief, Crunchbase News // “5 books to bring you to new lands”

Blaise Zerega, Editor in Chief, All Turtles // “5 books about the past that predict the future”

Jon Steinberg, CEO, Cheddar // “The best business books for startup folks”

John Maeda, Global Head of Design + Inclusion, Automattic // “5 books about simplicity: design, technology, business, life”

Katie Jacobs Stanton, Chief Marketing Officer, Color // “5 books that made me a better person”

Sara Mauskopf, CEO, Winnie.com // “5 books that will change the way you parent”

Hunter Walk, Partner, Homebrew // “Product design: 5 books that shaped my thinking (but aren’t about product design)”

Sharon Feder, Chief Content Officer, The Muse // “5 career-boosting books written by inspiring women”

Arlan Hamilton, Founder, Backstage Capital // “5 books I recommend often”

Ben Parr, Co-founder and president, Octane AI // “5 books every entrepreneur needs to read for sales and fundraising”

Brenna Ehrlich, Director of Culture and Content, Indie and Rock, Tidal // “5 books that taught me to be a better storyteller”



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