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How Flipboard Fills The Gap For People Leaving Twitter

2 min readNov 9, 2022

If you’re one of the millions of people who use Twitter to follow the news, experts and issues you care about, the recent explosion of toxic and polarizing content can be concerning. With so much uncertainty about the future of Twitter, many people are reconsidering their presence on the platform and the voices you enjoy may take their wisdom (and wit) elsewhere.

It may be a good time to try Flipboard. Over the last decade we’ve focused on being a high-quality place to discover great journalism, industry experts and a wide variety of curated perspectives. It’s easy and free. Download the app (iOS or Android), pick the topics you’re interested in, and Flipboard curates the best stories that people and publishers are sharing on the platform.

Like Twitter, Flipboard is built by people recommending stories (they do this by collecting them into personal Magazines) and adding their own commentary around that content. Like Twitter, you can follow topics or people, and comment on content that has been shared.

What’s different is that Flipboard is a “content first” social platform while Twitter is “comment first.” In the former the social engagement and conversations are around a story; in the latter the discussions often center around a person’s comment. This small distinction results in a very different community experience.

Being content-first means starting with high-quality stories that give the conversation a good foundation. To maintain a healthy, well-lit place, Flipboard prioritizes trusted journalism and trusted curators in the algorithm. We listen to our users and have no problem taking down content or conversations that violate our guidelines. We encourage our community to curate Magazines as a way to share articles, videos, podcasts and conversations with others.

While Twitter is mostly organized around people, Flipboard focuses on our common interests. We surface stories that editors, experts and others in the community find informative and inspiring. Connecting you with content that’s recommended by people who share your interests elevates relevant voices and tunes out a lot of the noise.

We’ve stayed true to these principles since day one. We hope you’ll come to Flipboard and find a new way to stay connected.

Marci McCue, Flipboard’s VP of Content and Communications




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